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National Car Rental is an American rental car agency based in Clayton, Missouri, United States. National is owned by Enterprise Holdings, along with other agencies including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Alamo Rent a Car. The Emerald Club program lets drivers enjoy an upgraded vehicle selection, free rental days, priority service, and easy check-in and check-out.

An angry customer called Herman of Savannah, GA shares his thoughts about Emerald Club in a review posted for CONSUMER AFFAIRS: "I have endured the browbeating and bullying of National's Damage Recovery Unit for the last time. A word to the wise: Rent from National and you will pay the price--quite literally--for differing inspection standards between National locations, such that damage caused by predecessor renters will be paid for by you. You will be shaken down and harassed for even minor damage. Good luck arguing with them that the damage was inherited and that perhaps a car rented in an airport parking garage might have damage unnoticed until returned to a different, brightly sunlit location. In my case, for recouping $1,000 for trivial dents they have lost the business of this Emerald Club member dating back to 2000, in the course of which I spent more than that on an annual basis. I hope they consider it was worth it to them."


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Kirby Hunter says

"Customer at the Baton Rouge airport location was horrible I had reservations at 12 I called at 10 to make sure they had the pickup truck ready for me and they said yes and when I got there they didn’t not have it and didn’t care"

MJ says

"Can I rate lower? I arrived to pick up a truck I rented for a move. I had a confirmation email and thought I was ready to go. I was told there was no truck, and they had no idea when or if they could get one. They said because I didn’t confirm by phone, they assumed I wasn’t coming, I called Enterprise corporate who located one for me in the area, they transferred me to that location and I was hung upon. When I called directly I was told that yes, someone did make a reservation for me, but they didn’t have any trucks. He said that anyone can make a reservation but that doesn’t mean the vehicle will be available. I called Hertz and they have one. I won’t ever call Enterprise again."

Danny Spurdle says

"I have rented from Enterprise multiple times and never had issues before. This time around when I left my car parked I returned to it having had some damage done to it whilst I was away. I had an insurance policy covering me entirely and the insurance I had would actually pay Enterprise directly the fee's rather than reimburse me. Enterprise decided to take €300 out of €1250 excess out of my account despite me explaining my insurance is paying them directly. For over a month now I have been tirelessly trying to get my money back. I have requested the account details for Enterprise, not a single time have I received any information, I haven't even got the accident form after 10 attempts of asking for it. I have been ignored and out to a side while they hold €300 of my money from me. Not only that but when requesting the Madrid office information they provided me with a fake email and an incorrect phone number. I am now having to try and claim back my €300 from my insurance and explain the circumstance Enterprise have caused. Sadly I will never be using this company again as the customer service is awful. For such a major company you'd think they could supply someone with such basic information. For prices, this company is fair, but if anything happens during your rental, expect to NEVER get any form of human decency or service and to not see your money again."

Lucia Furiassi says

"Terrible experience! Never again! They gave us a car with the tire pressure light on. We had to go 5 times to ask for replacing the car and at the end they gave us a super dirty car! Do not use!"